Training is Fun!

Dec 5, 2022 | General

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“I’m getting older but I’m always being taught a lot (of things)” a quote by Solon the Athenian implying that getting older doesn’t make you wise enough, learning on the other hand makes you better person.

Having this in mind, in September 2022, I participated as member of the Cyprus Delegation in Brussels, getting trained on matters of Business formation, management, financial prosperity and marketing.
The training was provided by the well know ICHEC Brussels Management School at the heart of Europe in Belgium.

Three intense training days, with a lot of seminars, deliverables and networking gave us the opportunity to broader our horizons in terms of learning, improving our businesses and enhancing our services.
The training – which can be said to be a fast truck MBA, was an exceptional experience with a lot of lessons.

p.s. In the meantime, also had lots of fun!

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