Unwavering commitment since 2006

Respecting our clients and serving their unique insurance needs is at the hear of what we do. By that, we have set ourselves ambitious goals because in all aspects of our business our customers are right to be demanding.
By closely aligning ourselves with our customers’ demands, we aim to reduce uncertainty and provide planning for their insurable risks. Thus, we find that Corporate, as well as Individual clients, come to us, to obtain the best possible advice and guidance in fulfilling their insurance needs.
Evidently, for us, it is all about listening, examining all the options, finding the right solutions and keeping every promise with an “Unwavering commitment” not only towards our clients but also to our colleagues and to our community.

Stelios Kaparis



Whether your company is large or small, we strive to offer the most appropriate insurance products that meet your needs. And because every business and industry is unique, we identify ways to properly ensure the unique hazards of your business by proposing the most effective cover possible.


As individuals, we have the same needs as everybody else. Therefore, we can understand each person’s individual insurance needs, and serve them in the best possible way. At Cynosure, we can address and fulfill all your personal insurance requirements whether it is your car, your yacht or your home.



Our New Website is now Live

We are excited to announce that our new company website is now live. A huge Thank you to all contributors for their Unwavering Commitment to this project. insuranceconsultant.com.cy