Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance has emerged as one of the most preferred and persuasive employee benefits. It ensures enhanced benefits, less worry, and therefore increased employee satisfaction. Through such schemes, employees gain access to various coverage benefits that are not available on the individual level.

Group Health Insurance may cover:

Primary Care: Reimbursement of expenses arising from medical care, diagnosis, treatment and medication required in case of sickness or accidents.

Secondary Care: Reimbursement of hospital expenses. Critical Illness Benefit: A lump sum reimbursement in the event that a serious illness is diagnosed.

Maternity Benefit: The employee or his wife will be paid a lump sum for child delivery (with special provisions for abortion, miscarriage, or caesarean section).

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance pays out a lump sum benefit should an employee die while employed at your firm. The benefit payment is designed to financially support the employee's family during such a difficult time.

With Group Life Insurance, multiple employees are covered by one company-held policy. The policy options can be tailored to your company’s needs and budget.

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